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ZAPPA - Electronic Systems

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ISBN: 9788893850858

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ZAPPA - Electronic Systems

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The book deepens the understanding of important concepts and elements necessary to properly design an electronic system by exploiting analog, mixed-signal and digital components. The book provides tools to analyze and develop electronic boards and systems, by focusing on:

  • noise in electronic components and circuits;
  • operational amplifier performance;
  • frequency compensation of OpAmp stages;
  • advanced INA, ISO, Current feedback/mode, and OTA amplifiers;
  • Sample&Hold sampling circuits;
  • analog mux, digital potentiometers and universal active filters;
  • standard and advanced DAC and ADC converters;
  • under- and over-sampling;
  • Sigma-Delta modulators.

Many actual circuits and exercises are provided at the end of each Chapter and also in three specific Chapters focused on examples of analog and mixed-signal electronic systems employing OpAmps, S&H, DAC and ADC converters. Most exercises are fully solved, with detailed step-by-step stage design and electronic schematics analysis. The book targets an audience interested in hardware and firmware design of electronic circuits and systems for acquisition, conditioning and conversion of analog and digital signals.

FRANCO ZAPPA was born in November 1965. In 1989 he graduated in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and in 1993 he received the Ph.D. degree in Electronics. Since 2011 he is full professor of Electronics at the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria at Politecnico di Milano. He teaches “Electronic Systems” at the Master of Science and “Microcontrollers” at the Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering. His research interests are in microelectronics, photonics and instrumentation for 2D imaging and 3D ranging, by means of single photon imagers.


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ZAPPA - Electronic Systems

ZAPPA - Electronic Systems