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Tornabene Fantuzzi Bacciocchi - DiQuMaSPAB

I Ed.2018 17x24 Paperback 112 pages ISBN: 9788893850636

Differential Quadrature for Mechanics of Anisotropic Shells, Plates, Arches and Beams

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I Ed.2018 17x24 Paperback 112 pages ISBN: 9788893850636


Differential Quadrature for Mechanics of Anisotropic Shells, Plates, Arches and Beams

The main aim of this book is to show the features of DiQuMASPAB so ware through the description of its graphical interface, by giving special emphasis to all those aspects implemented in the code. DiQuMASPAB, acronym of “Differential Quadrature for Mechanics of Anisotropic Shells, Plates, Arches and Beams”, is a computational code, which can be used for the numerical analysis of doubly curved shells made of innovative materials, using the Generalized Differential Quadrature (GDQ) and the Generalized Integral Quadrature (GIQ) methods. The software can investigate the mechanical behavior of these structures through different approaches and structural theories. In particular, this code allows considering a kinematic expansion characterized by different degrees of freedom for the Equivalent Single Layer (ESL) theories and for each layer when the Layer-Wise (LW) approach is taken into account. As far as the materials are concerned, it is possible to consider different lamination schemes, as well as various distributions of the volume fraction of the constituents for those layers that vary their mechanical properties along the thickness. In addition, the software analyzes structures with variable thickness and characterized by variable mechanical properties that can change point by point. A finite element formulation is also available to investigate the mechanical behavior of plane structures characterized by irregular domains and mechanical discontinuities.

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